Monday, February 14, 2011

a story from my mother

A story from my mother.

She hitch hiked to Canada in 1972. She got word of a spot to sneak over on the boarder, I don’t know why she had to sneak over. She waded through swampy grass and cow shit into Canada and walked until she found a road. She hitchhiked to Vancouver. She slept in flop houses and Became a Stripper. Her stage name was Sarah Gil and she performed in an act called Vanilla and Chocolate with a woman that looked like Tina Turner whose stage name was Trixie LaVonne. They were toppless dancers. The day my mother first danced she was almost fired for wearing the only shoes she had, the pimps told her she had to leave her stinky cowboy boots at home. She became a shoplifter, she shoplifted shoes, ligeriea and food. When she danced she would paint her face with crazy colors as if at a carnival and weave feathers in her hair. She felt safer from the men with the eyes (and especially the one that would poke them with the big stick)with her real face shaded by these paints.

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  1. Hi Haley,

    Remember me, a blast from the past!! I was trying to find some video i did for something else and the Epic one from I-Park came up. So I started looking for the painting that you were still working on at I-Park. Do you have it anywhere on the net so i can see it finished? School Shooting is so emotive dynamo. attracted by the beautiful color and then unclose the reality of life. Museum Quality all the way!

    I loved this story for so many different reasons, it's my FB birthday. the day my dad shot himself and the day my mom died this year. So I wonder why did I want it to be my birthday?

    WOW, your work is P O W E R F U L, just like you. What a knock your socks off painter and political thinker.

    I sure miss our I-Park group bond.